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FAD Girls: Zig Zag

Zig Zag Species: skunk - tiger hybrid
Age: 27
Sexuality: Bisexual, and extremely equal-opportunity
Likes: good music, good friends, good living, and good sex
Dislikes: anyone who treats her or her friends as nothing more than pieces of ass
Favorite position: sandwiched and double-penetrated, but it's all good, really

. Leaving behind an unpleasant adolescence, Zig Zag worked her way up through a variety of sleazy professions, and employers. Her exotic look gained her quick fame and fortune in the world of adult video, helping her put together the money and contacts she needed to start a studio under her own name. Having worked in some terrible places before, she wanted her studio to be one she would be happy to work at herself, even if she didn't own the place. She's known for paying her talent well and taking good care of them, whether they work in front of the cameras or behind the scenes, believing happy workers make a better final product. It also resulted in very strong loyalty from her employees. Zig Zag also makes sure to put strong production values into studio works. ZZ Studios videos often cost a little more than ones from other porn companies, but customers are guaranteed a professionally-crafted product, as well as an extreme mind-blowing hardcore erotic experience.

. There's more to Zig Zag than may be apparent from the works in which she appears. Zig says she's an actor at heart, and her many appearances are just the different parts she has played, even if they might seem largely the same. Off-screen, she's a smart and savvy businesswoman, and a leader in her field. She's extremely protective of those she cares about, though not above playing mischevious, often sexually-themed pranks on them from time to time. Zig tends to view people from a sexual standpoint, and often says you can tell a lot more about someone in copulation than in conversation. Truth be told, there are very few employees at ZZ Studios who have not sampled her special brand of 'hospitality'. Perhaps this is why Zig finds studio webmistress Sabrina so fascinating, because she rejected Zig's advances strongly, yet stuck around as an employee. The two formed a platonic, and occasionally strained friendship, something of a rarity for Zig, but she's enjoying the experience. While she's resigned to the fact that Sabrina will probably never be hers, she would be more than happy to seize the opportunity if it presented itself. Part of her almost hopes she never wins Sabrina over, as that would mean the game of teasing and pursuit would come to an end.

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