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FAD Folk: Slimy

Species: ???
Age: ???
Sexuality: He seems to prefer the girls
Likes: He likes just about any lady who likes him back
Dislikes: Anyone who screams and runs away, or attacks without provocation.
Favorite position: Not sure, but his partners seems to enjoy him in as many openings as possible.

No one knows exactly where Slimy came from, Rumors abound, however. Some say he arrived on Earth inside a meteor, Others claim he escaped from a secret laboratory. Still others believe he is someone's fantasy given corporeal form. Since Slimy is apparently unable to speak, he can't clear up the mystery. In any case, the gelatinous blob has a great deal of friends (often 'with benefits') in and out of Double Z Studios. His lovers enjoy Slimy's eagerness to please, his capacity to fill their orifices with as many slippery tendrils as they can handle, and his flavor, which has been described as similar to a cherry cough drop. It is believed that he feeds on the energies released by his partners at orgasm, though like most things about him, that is little more than a hypothesis.

Slimy has appeared in a handful of ZZ Studios video productions, though with respect to his privacy anyone asked will claim it's actually CGI effects seen on any video. Slimy's biggest fan is a student who goes by Fukami Neko, or Fuki-chan. Fuki loves all manner of tentacle-laden hentai material from Japan, so finding a true tentacle beast to pump her full of frothy spunk has been her filthiest dream come true, one Slimy is more than happy to indulge.

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