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FAD Girls: Stacey Skunkette and Tracey Tailor

Skunkettes Species: skunks
Age: 24 (Stacey), 20 (Tracey)
Sexuality: Bisexual, with a strong preference for each other
Likes: Chinese food, sex, each other
Dislikes: Boredom, hyper-conservatism
Favorite position: sixty-nine, with extra digits as desired

Stacey and Tracey are often referred to as 'the skunkette sisters' because they are always together, even though they're not related at all. Stacey was already working at Zig Zag Studios when Tracey auditioned, and it was love at first sight. It's likely they would be married if the state permitted it. It's very common to see the two of them hanging around the studio, snuggling while watching TV in the break room, or licking and fingering each other in private areas (of both the building and each other). They are both fun-loving and playful, with a competitive streak and an affinity for sex toys, the bigger the better. A favorite hobby of theirs is to drag someone, perhaps a friend at the studio, perhaps a stranger, into a sealed room and 'share' him or her until everyone's exhausted. As on-screen talent at the studio, Stacey is a very capable and popular general-purpose player willing to take on almost any sexual challenge thrown at her. Since she joined the studio at age 18, Tracey has taken a lot of 'barely legal' roles on video, to go with her young looks and lean frame. Her fame comes largely from her eagerness to let her slight body accommodate more than might appear safe. Despite their constant fraternizing around the studio, they refuse to have sex with each other on-screen, believing it would change the nature of their relationship. This is very frustrating to Zig Zag, who knows that their exploits together are much hotter than their separate work for adult videos. She's been unsuccessful in convincing them so far, but keeps trying, and enjoys the times the two skunkettes gang up on her.

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