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FAD Girls: Sheila Vixen

Sheila Species: red fox
Age: 25
Sexuality: Heterosexual, though not above shooting girl-girl scenes for video
Likes: Games, music, fried chicken
Dislikes: cleaning spooge out of her fur
Favorite position: cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, or anything sufficiently bouncy

Sheila Vixen was discovered by Zig Zag while working at a 'Hooters-esque' bar and grill. Legend says she auditioned to become on-screen talent without realizing it, but that's not entirely true. Sheila is an extremely popular player at ZZ Studios, second only to Zig Zag herself. A large part of her appeal is undoubtedly her curvy figure and huge bust size. Her breasts are all-natural, though there is some debate as to how much is flesh and how much is fluff. The other part is her hedonistic, funloving nature. Her audience loves that she looks like she really enjoys her sexual antics on video, and more often than not she does. Zig Zag enjoys the passion of Sheila's performances, though sometimes it's a problem when she's not following stage direction or letting the camera see what it needs to. Many assume Sheila isn't very smart since she has a somewhat ditzy persona, but she's not nearly as easy to take advantage of as they think. She hangs out with another studio actor, Rod Steele, and they are semi-officially a couple. Sheila likes to say that they enjoy making love off-screen more than on-screen, as well as hanging out and talking and all that other stuff. One final thing Zig Zag likes about Sheila (other than her body) is that she never changed following her fame in adult video, and is still happy and friendly (some might think TOO friendly) to everyone she meets.

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