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Fur After Dark
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FAD Girls: Sabrina

Species: Skunk
Age: 24
Sexuality: Heterosexual, staunchly
Likes: Amiga computers, classic video games, Transformers toys
Dislikes: putting up with the antics of her co-workers, especially her boss
Favorite position: According to her, none of your business!

Sabrina answered a classified ad for a web graphic artist, and became wrapped up in the world of ZZ Studios. Initially overwhelmed by all the things she saw (or tried to avoid seeing), she eventually settled into a comfortable, or at least tolerable work life there, no doubt helped by the generous pay. Her proficiency with computers helped her grow to handle all of the studio website duties as well as graphic work for ads, packaging, and the videos themselves. As Sabrina became more and more indispensible to the operation of the studio, she also enjoyed her work more as well. It might be an ideal situation, if not for Zig Zag.

Zig Zag took an immediate interest in Sabrina the instant she showed up, and flirts with her constantly. Everyone was surprised that Sabrina didn't quit or get fired after slugging Zig Zag at an adult entertainment convention, but apparently they had worked it out.The two still have a back-and-forth relationship that borders on friendship. Zig Zag claims she's simply trying to loosen Sabrina up so she wouldn't be such a prude, while Sabrina claims it's all to torture her. While she seems like a Puritan to some, she does have some passion beneath the surface, usually reserved for her boyfriend, RC, whom she has a strong relationship with. She is quiet with strangers, but once you get to know her, the smart funny girl with a group of geek interests comes through. She still rejects Zig Zag's advances, but both are on friendlier, better understanding terms. Perhaps she just enjoys that someone like Zig could find a girl with broad hips and glasses attractive.

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