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FAD Girls: Raven Hunt

Species: wolf
Age: 36
Sexuality: Bisexual, with a preference for the boys
Likes: attention, mischief, and flustered students
Dislikes: chalk dust and vending machines that won't drop that damn Snickers bar
Favorite position: just do what she tells you, and we'll all get along fine.

Raven Hunt is an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in not quite enough clothing to fit her ample frame. Depending on who you ask, she is either a cruel, merciless disciplinarian, or the most fun and cuddly teacher ever known. She works as a sociology instructor at Patriarch University, and rumors constantly surround her and the 'social experiments' she conducts with many of her students. Even though student-teacher indiscretions (or just frenzied humping) such as these are frowned upon by the college board, Raven has never been punished for them, at least not after some heated negotiations behind closed doors.

Raven can be soft, kind, and generous at one moment, a hard-edged authoritarian the next, and playfully mischevious more often than not, depending on whatever she feels will get the best results from her students and other associates at the time. While she usually prefers socializing her brains out with her male charges, she saves time for the girls as well. She is good friends with Hazel, the university's head librarian, who shares a similar controversial status in the rumor mill of the school. While Raven has no direct connection to ZZ studios, she is on friendly terms with the studio owner, the two often meeting in various places due to the common interests they share.

One surprising curiosity about Raven Hunt that adds to her enigmatic status is, despite all her dalliances, very few can claim to have seen her completely nude. Even those lucky enough to get close to her are often unable to describe her anatomy in detail, even when they've had part of their own anatomy inside hers.

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