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FAD folk: Carli Chinchilla and Spike

Carli & Spike Species: Chinchilla and Timber wolf
Age: 29 (Carli), 32 (Spike)
Sexuality: Heterosexual, not to mention married
Likes: Salads, web chat (Carli), Steak, working out (Spike), and lots of sex (both)
Dislikes: boredom and silence (Carli), too much noise (Spike)
Favorite position: anything that allows for some extra-deep penetration

According to Carli, she met Spike at a bar one night, and made him fall in love thanks to her powers of seduction. Spike won't say exactly how it happened, but claims she was doing a lot of begging.

Carli started working in phone sales and moved her way up to help lines for various appliance manufacturers. It gives her the opportunity to make good use of her voice, which she always does anyway. She usually has something to say, and is a master of conversation, even if she's the only one contributing. By contrast, Spike is quiet, and rarely speaks unless there's a strong need to. He works as a bouncer, so there's not much reason to engage the drunken rowdies he's tossing out of the establishment in small talk. He's often frustrated with Carli's frequent chatter, especially when she steers the topic over to their personal lives, and has been known to silence her by covering her mouth with one of his huge mitts, maybe even plugging it with a certain part of his own anatomy if they're in the bedroom. Often Carli will intentionally yammer on to get on Spike's nerves, or he'll get under her skin by totally ignoring her. Surprisingly, these personality conflicts seem to bring them closer together, when logically it should drive them apart. As Carli says, "There's nothing like some rough, angry sex to blow out the tension and make everyone happy!"

Neither Spike nor Carli do any work for Zig Zag's studio, though Zig Zag often visits the bar where Spike works. At one time she came on to Spike, offering him studio work, but Carli intervened. The three have remained on friendly terms since. Not surprisingly, Zig occasionally tries to sell the couple on starring in adult videos, saying people would pay a bundle to watch a tight little bit of fluff get pried wide open by gigantic musclebound maleness. Neither of them are comfortable with the idea of making their sex lives public however, even though Carli might occasionally describe it all in a detailed bit of storytelling. To the couple, it's a special experience shared just between them, which they both find extremely fulfilling, with love, and copious amounts of spunk in Carli's case.

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