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FAD Girls: Twilight

Twilight Species: Feline succubus demon
Age: somewhere in the low hundreds
Sexuality: Omnisexual, with an affinity for angels
Likes: Her work, her friend Dawn, pleasure in all its forms.
Dislikes: Having to cut a seduction short
Favorite position: Fucking in flight is fun.

A supernatural demon known as a succubus, Twilight makes a living by finding potential 'victims' and offering them a night they'll never forget. Through the sexual act, she drains her partner's life energy to replenish her own. She considers herself kind compared to her contemporary succubi - where they might drain their partners completely, leaving little more than a husk, Twilight merely steals enough energy to shorten her partner's life by a few years (but those years are crappy anyway, so it's OK). The only thing standing between her and a sexually drained populace is Dawn from the angel corps. This isn't as bad as it might sound, because Twilight is more than happy to play with Dawn and drink from her infinite store of life force, at least until she gets the upper hand and sends her back to the demon realm.

As a being of pure sexuality, Twilight is extraordinarily well-equipped for her job. While her body is apparently female, she is more than able to pleasure males, females, or any combination or intermediary of the two. She is extremely skilled with her long tongue, and her tail conceals up to four phallic tentacles to wriggle into any sensitive openings they find. Twilight's tail tendrils have a bit of a mind of their own, and she can't always control them when they get excited. They might even turn on her if no other suitable sexual outlet is available. Not many mortals know this, but if Twilight herself is brought to orgasm, she is magically banished back to her own realm. This happens eventually every time she visits our world, though usually her victims have pumped four or five loads of their life force into her before then. While there are some out there who willingly consort with Twilight and even seek her out, doing so on a regular basis would definitely be hazzardous to their health.

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