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FAD Girls: Tina Lynx

Tina! Species: Lynx
Age: 41
Sexuality: Bisexual, and willing to try a lot of things
Likes: Boston cream doughnuts and strap-ons, though not necessarily together
Dislikes: Anyone who can't appreciate a sexy plus-size girl.
Favorite position: Giving or receiving, it's all good.

Tina has the distinction of being one of Zig Zag's oldest and dearest friends and lovers. Her career as a porn actress was drawing to a close just as Zig's was beginning at the same studio, and the two kindred spirits became close in all sorts of ways. Tina became a sort of mentor to Zig Zag, helping her advance her career and avoid the pitfalls inherent to the industry. When Zig opened her own studio, it was only natural that Tina join her, even though she wouldn't be part of the regular on-screen talent. Her work at ZZ studios covers a vast range, from receptionist to clerical work to producing and directing assistance on the videos. She's even done some minimal on-screen 'acting', though she's mostly left that part of her life (and the screen name that went with it) behind her. She is good friends with almost everyone at the studio, and has become the unofficial 'den mother' of the place.

At first glance, it's easy to assume the chubby lynx with the sunglasses (people often think she is blind, but she's just sensitive to bright light) and simple sweater to be the shy and reserved type, but actually she's as wild and funloving as anyone else at the studio, if not more so. Most folks think Zig Zag has rubbed off on her, but if anything, it's the other way around. Tina and Zig have been lovers as long as they have known each other, and she plays around frequently with her other friends as well. She enjoys helping Zig audition new talent, and testing out new toys and gadgets. She has a particular fondness for strap-on dildos of all kinds, whether wearing them to hump her girlfriends (and a boyfriend or two), or letting others use them to fill any and all of her holes. It probably goes without saying that Tina is quite happy with the life she has.

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