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FAD Girls: Pussy Noir

Pussy! Species: black leopard
Age: 22
Sexuality: Bisexual, and enough of an enigma that further preference is unknown
Likes: Artistic expression of all kinds, filet mignon
Dislikes: Cleaning up after being expressive, People who don't 'get' her vision.
Favorite position: Whatever allows for the most control, and looks good

Pussy Noir considers herself an artist in the truest, purest sense of the word, in that anything can be art, from painting and sculpting to interpretive dance and even sex. Pussy enjoys expressing herself in all possible ways, often working on anything from a charcoal drawing to a photography project while not at her paying job. She keeps herself toned and fit, and likes to dress boldly in bright colors to offset her relatively drab fur. Those who have seen it will also tell you she decorated her clitoris by piercing it with a showy gold ring. Sex with Pussy is said to be an experience not soon to be forgotten, often a demanding one. She uses her natural athleticism and artistic sensibilites to make sex a 'beautiful experience' as much as possible, though her ideas of sexual beauty just translate into a lot of extra work or unneccesary acrobatics for some.

Pussy was discovered by Zig Zag while working as an exotic dancer. Zig was so impressed she offered Pussy work at the studio on the spot. Her contract is unusual, in that she insisted on exercising some creative control, effectively making her an assistant director on any video she appears in. Zig agreed to this, figuring it was worth it to put Pussy's hot body on screen, as well as possibly bringing some fresh creative blood to her porn studio. Most of the time the two work together well, though they do clash on occasion, usually when Pussy keeps fiddling with lighting and camera angles to get the 'perfect' shot (or money shot), and Zig has decided that twelve takes are enough.

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