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FAD Girls: Helen Dish

Species: Red and Gray fox mix
Age: 40
Sexuality: Originally heterosexual, but learning more about herself all the time
Likes: New experiences of all kinds
Dislikes: The realization that she waited so long to get where she is now.
Favorite position: When she finds out, she'll tell you.

By outward appearances, Helen Dish seems little more than a mild-mannered Indiana homemaker, and that's pretty much all she was until recently. Shortly out of high school, she found herself with child, and married the father soon after. The couple tried to make a largely loveless marriage work for as long as they could for their child's benefit, but such arrangements only last so long, and divorce followed. Helen did her best to raise their son on her own, living her humdrum life for others for years until she met Zig Zag.

Zig Zag came to Helen while tracking down her son Bobby for his interenet transgressions. Helen knew and admired the skunk star from some studio DVDs found hidden in her son's room, and had a bit of a crush on her as well, both for her looks and adventurous spirit. The opportunity proved too great to pass up, and Helen offered herself to Zig, who was more than happy to oblige this inexperienced yet eager new lover. The experience unlocked something in Helen, and now she wants to try all sorts of things she might never have considered previously, especially in the sexual realm. Zig Zag, impressed with her newfound desire for adventure, has a standing offer for Helen to shoot her own porn video if she should travel to the studio. Her son Bobby is nothing but embarrased by the actions of his new 'slutty mom', but even he admits that she seems much happier and less stressed now than he's ever known before.

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