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FAD Girls: Dawn

Species: Angelic Kitty
Age: Ageless and timeless
Sexuality: hopes to be celibate, but everyone around her makes it difficult
Likes: Purity, cleanliness, order, morality, Twinkies.
Dislikes: Those who look upon her with sexual desire, and then act on it.
Favorite position: Please do try to keep it in your pants!

Dawn is a member of an elite guard of supernatural angelic beings. She and others like her are charged with protecting the beings of Earth from the machinations of those from the demon realm. Dawn's assigned patrol area mostly pits her against the succubus, Twilight. Sometimes she cleans up her messes and aids the demon's victims, but on occasion Angel and Demon come into direct conflict. Battling Twilight is difficult for Dawn, as the succubus thrives on sexual assault, and an angel is as appealing a target as a mortal - more so, because an angel's life energy is infinite, and would provide an excellent meal for a succubus like Twilight.

This is not to say that Dawn is helpless in these encounters. Where a succubus' powers are that of sexuality and lust, an angel's are that of purity and love. Her touch has the power to heal the sick and injured, and restore the life force someone like Twilight might have taken away. While not entirely intentional, her power can also grant an intense release to those she touches, and she can banish Twilight back toi her own realm by doing so. When the two clash, Twilight is usually careful to restrain Dawn's hands to keep her power at bay and allow free access to ravage her body.

Untold years battling the forces of evil, and Twilight in perticular, have been rough on Dawn. It doesn't help either that her supernatural beauty attracts so much attention from mortals as well. An angel is supposed to be above petty things like desire, or pleasure, but she would be lying if she claimed to be immune to them. Even when held captive by Twilight, she's unable to ignore the lusty pleasure she feels when the demon's fingers, or serpentine tongue, or phallic tentacles, or all at once invade her body. She wouldn't admit that perhaps she seeks out these confrontations, and allows herself to succumb to Twilight's whims a bit too long before regaining the upper hand and banishing her. She suspects that Twilight might also be aware of her impure feelings and plays along in their dysfuntional relationship. Could this all be ... some kind of ... love?

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