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FAD Girls: Cathy Kitana

Species: Siamese cat mix
Age: 25
Sexuality: Heterosexual and married, though known to occasionally dally with other females for her hubby's benefit
Likes: Work, spending time with her husband, video games that involve meeting others online, and shooting them.
Dislikes: Having to clean various bodily fluids out of her clients' hair and fur.
Favorite position: Whatever feels good - she's always interested in trying something new.

When Zig Zag set up an in-house salon to take care of hair and makeup for the actors, Cathy Kitana was the only one who applied to work there. Partly because she was one of a few not too proud to do hair for the porn industry, but mostly because her husband, J.T. Jackhammer, was a performer at the studio and brought her in, though this little fact wasn't known until after she started working there. Cathy is a talented and passionate hairdresser and makeup artist, though she hides it behind modesty, dark clothing, and a snarky deadpan personality. Her more passionate side shows when she's around her husband, and the love between the two is apparent to all. Not surprisingly, Zig Zag has offered her work as on-screen talent, but she prefers to remain behind the scenes.

It easy to assume a marriage would be strained when one partner's job involves sex for public consumption, but Cathy and J.T. are quite happy with their current arrangement. It helps that she's turned on by watching her man putting the jackhammer to his female co-stars, and is often found quietly observing the filming from the sidelines, waiting to pounce once shooting is completed, and trying not to look like she's pawing herself while watching. She also likes to act as her husband's 'fluffer', pleasuring him (and herself) so he can stay hard between takes. It's little wonder that Zig Zag would like to see her in front of the camera. Sometimes the scenario is reversed, and Cathy plays around with one or more of the studio talent (usually female) to put on a show for J.T. It's done more out of a sense of fairness than a true desire to swing, however, and Cathy would be just as happy with a more one-sided deal. When not working at the studio, Cathy and J.T. both enjoy eating out, movies, and especially video gaming, usually while one distracts the other sexually. They have been known to engage in sex while out in public, if the area is dark or secluded enough. All in all, they are a happy couple with a full life, at work and at home.

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